What makes APS Different?

Apex Property Services (APS) is positioned to support clients from project conception to final construction; by offering turnkey, client-oriented services, we are able to act in the project’s best interest to control the value, quality, and timeliness of the end product. 

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Rain Garden, Going Green,  Bioretention Practices, Water Preservation,  Watershed Coalition

(Going Green) Rain Gardens/ Bioretention Areas

APS values the community and wants to keep it sustainable by protecting/ restoring water supplies. Every time it rains, the runoff from hard surfaces will pick up and carry dirt, bacteria, fertilizers, pesticides and debris, as well as oil and other fluids that drip from cars. By constructing rain gardens, we sustain the health of nearby brooks and ponds. 

Storm runoff is the leading source of water pollution that can harm aquatic life and spoil recreational uses of lakes and brooks. Creating rain gardens has many water quality benefits:

Gardens remove dirt, oil and metals in storm water

Plants recycle phosphorus and other nutrients

Microbes in soils reduce bacteria levels in runoff

Rain gardens can help fix soil erosion problems by collecting excess water from runoff.

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ADA Compliant Handicap Ramp, Flower Bed, 305 Foster St, Hardscape Improvements

Improving Tenant Experiences

APS takes great pride in the properties we manage so keeping tenants happy is most important. Having a landlord act as the property manager comes with it's benefits from applying a fresh coat of paint to a building, re-designing an old handicap ramp into a fabulous flower bed, or upgrading fitness equipment we constantly want our tenants to be happy and confident that they are being taken care of.


Experienced Professionals

At APS we are proud to work with the best in the industry from project start to finish and this includes architects, general contractors, plumbers, electricians, HVAC technicians, to our own landscape/ hardscape professionals, we will get the job done RIGHT the 1st time!